take a chance

do you want it more than your fear of it?

History is written by who wins. If he lives and we die, his truth becomes written - and ours is lost.

Should I smile because we are friends? Or cry because we’ll never be anything more?

—How I feel right now, don’t know what to do.

Good end to the season

So I ended up playing about 1/3 of the major league games, got 2 goals out of it! They ended up first in their league. Then with my team we ended up first as well, me and my partner both scored that game and we were both on the field. Got to do our celebration. First one was okay, second one sucked. But then our last game was crazy, couldn’t believe it. The other team got a red in the first half, then two yellows in the second.

Provincials was just the past weekend. Played a game Friday, Saturday and Sunday. First game was against the other city’s second team. They came out fast and pressured the defense. But we ended the game 4-2, scored the fourth goal, it was pretty awesome. Got the pass from my partner across the blue line, beat the high pressure then just went straight to net and took a shot, bounced off their defender and into the net. Our celebration was spectacular. ;) That one was a good one. Then we stayed to watch our major team play, they lost 2-1 in what I thought was unfortunate, should’ve at least tied. We also watched the men’s major game, wow. That was unbelievable, we were going to leave at half time but ended up staying and I was so glad we did, all the good stuff happened in the second half.

Saturday we played the first team from the city, we play our city’s second team Sunday. Didn’t think they were as good as the first team but apparently our second placed team thought they were better. Must’ve been everyone had a much better first game. We won 3-1, partner scored but I wasn’t on. Not cool. We went early to watch our major team play before we had our game. They were up 4-1 then went on a shambles run and ended up tying 4-4. It was unfortunate but I feel like both their games had some really poor calls.

With our two wins, and our second place team tying both games, we were guaranteed gold no matter what we did. So we ended up just hanging out after our early team dinner. Ended up in my room. Half the team went for cheesecake, then about a third or so went out drinking, that left 4 of us. Then people started getting back at 10:30, me and one of my roommates decided to turn in early. Ended up getting into bed at like 11 after chatting with some other teammates. We ended up just chatting for an hour until the other two came back before going to bed. I’m pretty sure I completely passed out too. Do not remember what happened after they got into the room. Although the next morning, my friend told me she heard this weird noise and looked over to their bed and saw one hogging the blankets and the other grabbing her jacket to stay warm. Thank goodness ours was worked out.

Sunday we played our second placed team, they came out hard, wanted to win. We were down 1-0 but ended up winning the game 2-1. It was pretty intense. Good game but it just didn’t feel as exciting as it should’ve. Wish we got to play more. Major had to do a shootout in the morning and didn’t make it. It was unfortunate, just a gong show of a tournament for them.

One Friday, two Saturday and another Sunday would’ve been the best. Oh well, overall it was a fun tournament, good end to the season.

Call Ups!

So after that last weekend, I got asked to play up again the most recent Sunday. The first game I thought was against the first place team but wasn’t. Thank goodness, but then the team I was playing this Sunday was the first place team. They needed to win the game (since they were tied for first), game ended 3-1. So the team is now in first place! The next day was a day off for everyone and I got a call from the major coach asking if I’d be available for the next two games! One is against the last major team (there are three in league) and then another team that moves up just for indoor! Getting some good playing time, so I’m super excited.

My own team has been doing well, I guess we’re finally starting to play together well, don’t know why it’s taken so long but finally! It’s good to be getting closer to what we were like before. Next thing I think we should work on is keeping the goals out, we’re tied for goals against with the first place team but I want to keep decreasing it and keep our scoring going!

Sidenote: Got called up to play up the next two Sunday games as well! :)


So I haven’t really made a post like this in a while but holy crap, this was probably one of the best Sundays in a while.

First, got to play two games. One was at 5 with the top tier team, got the call at ~4:15 and rushed out. Made it there for 10 minutes to change and for my mental prep time, I get nervous before games. It was against a team that usually played at my level (they move three up every indoor season) but it was tight. Maybe from before I use to think that my top tier team was amazing, but everyone was having an iffy game for some reason. Not horrible, but definitely not at the level I was use to seeing them play at. So we were up 1-0, they tied it up, got ahead and it was 2-1, then went down 3-2 and we tied it back up. And I got the last goal! :) We won it 4-3! It was a three-on-two break, the girl with the ball was on my right, one of the top goal scorers on the league on my left, the girl tried passing to the other girl, hit the heel of another and the ball just trickled to me and I tried slotting it. But it went in! I just kind of stood there watching. Then I was like…SWEET! But yeah, overall, I was never on when we got scored on which is one of my big goals whenever I’m playing up. And I also got an assist! Overall, probably a good game. Last like 1:30 left of the game, he called a midfielder off and then asked me to go on when there was another midfielder in front of me. So that was nice, I was just terrified that they were going to tie it up. My defensive game hasn’t been as good this season cause I just recently restarted playing it. Went from striker back down. Oh well. It was definitely fun and I’d love to play again!

Second game started at 7:15, not at the same center so right after the game, my mom and I went to go pick up a snack then headed off to my game. I counted 19, which meant pretty much a full bench (4-lines…which is almost unheard of for indoor, most play with 5 defenders, 6 mids and 2 strikers - but we play a different formation 2-1-2). So as my coach is reading off the lines, the first defensive line was two players, one that I would partner up with if my friend played mid that game, after that we just high-fived cause we knew that we were going to be playing together. Anyways, overall game was good, it ended 5-2. We were up for majority of the game, except when they tied 1-1. Weird since they were having a really good run against the top teams. But pleased that we were up. Kind of a weird game since they just collapsed when we had the ball. We almost played it like a power play.

Overall, definitely one of the best Sundays I have had. Two games, two wins. :)

Take chances. Tell the truth. Date someone totally wrong for you. Say no. Spend all your cash. Fall in love. Get to know someone random. Be random. Say I love you. Sing out loud. Laugh at a stupid joke. Cry. Get revenge. Apologize. Tell someone how much they mean to you. Tell the assholes what you feel. Let someone know what they’re missing. Just live.

—If I had the guts…

Haha, I wish I had this dog’s charm.

Haha, I wish I had this dog’s charm.

why do i feel like i have no idea what to do about this? and why the hell does this happen so often?